#259: Design a Course Starter for the Holiday Season

#259: Design a Course Starter for the Holiday Season


E-Challenge #259 called for us to design and develop a course starter template with a holiday theme. A course starter is multi-slide template that includes the most common content and interaction slides. They are used to help a designer get started in the development of a course.


The course starter I created included a welcome page, an objectives page, a content page, a knowledge check, and a summary page. These pages are just to get a designer stared and are not all-inclusive of a full online course.


My design was based on a simple holiday theme and images provided by the Content Library found in Storyline 360.


I like what I created but I’m not sure how often I would use a holiday theme. The great thing about templates is the ability to replace the images with an updated look and theme.

If you are interested in participating in the Articulate eLearning Challenges, you can find them HERE.

Take a look at what I created!

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