About This Blog


You’re probably asking “What should I expect to read in this blog that I haven’t read in other blogs???”

Well, I’ve been a high school teacher, adjunct instructor, online instructor, trainer, and I’m currently an instructional designer. I’m going to use my experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide you tips to help you take advantage of everything eLearning has to offer whether you are a teacher, trainer, instructional designer, or anyone who is just interested in the art of teaching and learning online!

AND…….I can say it without all the crazy, complicated, jargon…….maybe 🙂

You can expect to read about:

  • eLearning,
  • instructional design,
  • instructional technology,
  • online instruction,
  • online education,

and everything in between! Basically, resources and knowledge that you can use to become an eLearning Geek!

I look forward to learning with you!

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Yours Truly,

Jessica Fernandez, PhD

eLearning GEEK

“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn” – Anonymous