What is eLearning?


Some of you might be asking “What exactly is eLearning?”

Well, eLearning is the combination of formal and informal learning using Web technologies. Basically using the Web to learn.

Formal learning is simply, structured learning where you would enroll in a course to either complete a degree and/or certification. Any type of classroom structured situation.

Informal learning is initiated by you, the learner, and may involve Web technologies like blogs, webinars, wikis, and social media to absorb information that you feel is important. For instance, you can take free courses on UdemyCoursera, and edX just to name a few.

Just like assorted Peeps, each serves its purpose. Formal learning is usually used for career development. If you want to become a teacher, you go to school and get a degree and that will enable you to do that. If you want a promotion, you enroll in some type of formal training to get a leg up on the competition.

Informal learning, for me, is the most exciting because you learn what you want to learn in your own time. You decide what topics, skills, and subjects are most important and relevant to learn in the stage of life you are in right now. With the Internet, information provided by learning communities is limitless because people all over the world contribute digital content continuously.

Why is it important?

Easy…….when we begin to look at what eLearning has to offer in terms of formal and informal learning, each has benefits that can provide limitless opportunities for us to learn as educators therefore creating limitless opportunities to teach others to learn! The possibilities are endless and you are only inhibited by your own creativity.


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